We’re going on the road with on-the-ground art interventions in major cities and parallel digital rallies to drive voter registration and turnout ahead of the 2020 election.

Our Power in the States will feature public art interventions to raise awareness on the systemic issues that intersect with our mission of gun violence prevention, including racial injustice, immigration, healthcare and economic inequality. Our Power will invite others in. We’re proud to work on this with inspiring partners like 50 Miles More, BLM Houston, Ceasefire PA, Change the Ref, Community Justice Action Fund, Dream Defenders, Fiel, International Indigenous Youth Council, NextGen, Rock the Vote, Sunrise Movement, United We Dream, Voto Latino, Wisconsin Anti Violence Effort Educational Fund, and others.


We know that if young people vote, we can change elections and futures. We’ll be registering people online and in-person at our art interventions (while staying safe and socially distant). And we’ll make sure those folks turn out to make history, whether in-person or by mail.


Our Power will vote in 2020 and beyond. Join us! 

Miami, Florida


We kicked off Our Power in the States in Miami, Florida. Over the next few weeks we’ll be working with artists across the nation in 9 key states to create beautiful art that speak to the issues young people care about. We’re pairing each art installation with a digital event, featuring partners who can speak to the issues.

Our first digital event featured @thedreamdefenders @unitedwedream @changetheref @flimmigrant and @votolatino where we discussed immigrant justice.

Atlanta, Georgia

In Atlanta, Georgia we installed tiny voter registration boxes across the city. We worked with local artists to create beautiful boxes that help people get registered and get ready to vote by mail by providing stamps, envelopes, and the proper forms.

Raleigh, North Carolina

In North Carolina, we worked with local muralist @willart4food to create an amazing piece in Raleigh. Our organizers covered the mural with voter registration forms in pre-stamped envelopes. As the community walked by through the day, they picked some up to register and to give to their friends to register!

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

In the birthplace of American liberty, our organizers and artist @mmhaims displayed a flag unraveling, because gun violence, police brutality, and consistent attacks on the most marginalized are unraveling our democracy before our very eyes.

Houston, Texas

September 14th

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Phoenix, Arizona

September 16th

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Detroit, Michigan

September 22nd

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Denver, Colorado

September 30th

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Milwaukee, Wisconsin

October 2nd

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