Build A World Where

students are supported,

not policed.

counselors are prioritized

over school resource officers.

students are met with books,

not guns.

About the Campaign

There is no ending gun violence, without disrupting the institutions that cause it.

Peace Without Police is our multi-year campaign to expel school resource officers and police from schools, and invest in creating care and community for students over criminalization. Wherever gun violence terrorizes our communities, March For Our Lives is committed to confronting it and fighting to end it. That fight includes the fight to get cops off campus. Police are no less brutal in our schools and universities than they are in society at large, and have no place in educational settings. Young people need care, not cops, and it’s going to take a people powered movement to get there. 

Education Resources

The connection between schools and policing!

This issue is expansive! There’s the school-to-prison pipeline, the history of racism in education, and big ideas like abolition. That’s why we’ve created programs to help guide you in this journey, and ultimately make you a better organizer, advocate, and activist. 

Join Our Book Club

Poetic Justice aims to bring together people to read and discuss radical texts that help guide our organizing. It’s a great opportunity to learn and grow; specifically focusing on the forces that fuel gun violence, abolition, and how policing and the education system are connected.

Facilitated education at your own pace!

POWER UP! is a March For Our Lives training program that builds a culture of organizing, service, and radical love through education. Through POWER UP!, MFOL organizers will learn what it means to be a part of our movement, the basics of organizing, and essential training for the Peace Without Police campaign. POWER UP! is an at your own pace course.

Resources we’re learning from and looking to.

If facilitated conversations, or courses aren’t your thing, we’ve got you covered. Over time we’ve collected resources that we reference and look to while we’re organizing. We curate pieces that are most helpful for understanding the issue and our campaign.