Ready to Submit?

Earn Additional Entries

1Download and print out the Pledge Sheet!

Click the link below to download and print the pledge sheet. If you don’t have a printer at home, your local library or school may offer a printer that you can use.

Download the pledge sheet!

2Collect Pledges!

The opportunities here are practically endless! Collect pledges at your school, library, local clubs, community events, and more.

A few things to remember generally:

  • Ask permission! Don’t impose on other people’s events without confirming with the organizer that it’s okay!
  • Trust your gut! If something feels off, don’t risk it, just leave the location.
  • If you’re collecting pledges outside, make sure to prepare with sunscreen, bug spray, and plenty of water.
  • Have fun, and take pictures! Send them to [email protected] and we may feature them on our website or social media.
  • Bring a few of the sheets (duh), and don’t forget a few pens!
  • Try to set up in a spot with high foot traffic to maximize your efforts.

Guidelines for collection of pledges:

  • The individual who is pledging to vote MUST be the one to write their information on the sheet. You cannot fill it out on their behalf. (In other words, they must pick up the pen and write their information on the sheet.)
3Submit the Booster Action and earn your Additional Entries!

Alright, you completed the action. Now what?

  1. Fill out the section at the bottom of the pledge sheet.
    • In the first box, write the email that you used to submit your Initial Entry (the email you used to enter the Contest).
    • In the second box, write the date that you collected the pledges. If you completed the sheet over multiple days, write the date you completed the sheet.
    • In the third box, write the date you’re submitting the pledge sheet online.
    • In the fourth, and final box, add your signature to confirm your agreement with the statement at the bottom of the sheet.
  2. Scan the pledge sheets individually.
    • If you have a scanner at home, you can do that to create PDFs to submit.
    • Alternatively, there are many applications that use your phone camera to create scans of PDFs. See this helpful article if you’re stuck. 
    • Please note, we can only accept ONE pledge sheet at a time. So if you filled out multiple sheets, you’ll need to make a seperate PDFs.
  3. Submit the pledge sheets one at a time, in separate submissions!

Earn Additional Entries


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