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Earn Additional Entries

1DM 3 of your friends a message like this:

Copy this message to send to three friends who qualify for the scholarship. Feel free to personalize, just make sure it’s respectful and that you include the link!

I just pledged to vote with March For Our Lives, and you can too! Voting is only one tool we can use to end gun violence in America. For answering a quick question about why you pledge to vote, you can also enter to win $1000! Check out the opportunity here:

2Collect Pledges!

Take a screenshot of each message, and prepare to submit them.

Here are some things to remember:

  • A message sent in a group chat only counts as one message, so DM individuals to earn more entries!
  • Don’t spam people.
  • While it’s an honor system, please send it to people you actually know and who might be interested in the opportunity.
  • Each message sent should be to a unique friend.
3Submit the Booster Action and earn your Additional Entries!

Alright, you completed the action. Now what?

  1. Make sure you have screenshots of the messages ready.
  2. You’ll submit them at the form linked below, where it will ask you to upload each screenshot.

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End Gun Violence