Staying home keeps you safe from the virus, but it doesn’t always keep you safe from gun violence.

Improper storage of guns in the home leads to accidental shootings. Every day, 8 kids are injured or killed by mishandling or playing with unlocked guns in the home. It’s reported that 73% of children know where their parents keep their firearms in the house. And one-third of all handguns are kept unlocked and loaded.

With kids out of school and parents either having to work from home or leave to do essential work, it is impossible to expect children to be constantly supervised. And we know there are more guns at home – due to anxiety about the pandemic, people have been stockpiling weapons at alarming rates. In fact, many states are deeming gun stores “essential” business. More guns coupled with unsafe storage practices puts children at even higher risk of falling victim to an accidental shooting. These are uncertain times, and we need to ensure children and their families are safe at home.

Our friends at Giffords outlined the gun storage laws state by state, but here are some good general rules from Project Child Safe

  • All firearms should be stored in a LOCKED cabinet, case, vault, or safe, and they should remain UNLOADED in storage.
  • Gun locking devices are good to use in addition to a locked storage space because they make the weapon completely inoperable.
  • Ammunition should be stored LOCKED and SEPARATE from the unloaded firearms.
  • When putting firearms in storage, ALWAYS double check to make sure they are unloaded.

If you’re worried there are guns in your house that are not stored safely, our friends at Brady have tips on how to end family fire.

The number of school shootings has gone down, but we want to make sure the number of accidental home shootings doesn’t go up. Join us in continuing the fight against gun violence by making sure your home practices safe storage. 


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