What You Can Do

We can’t slow down now. We need to keep our movement going—and that means demanding our current elected officials take action to stop gun violence, and working with our communities to create change at the local level.

Here are five ways you can get involved:

1. Join a MFOL chapter to help end gun violence in your area.

  • As a member of a local March For Our Lives chapter, you’ll get updates on chapter events – town halls, lobby days, meetings, and more. Bring some friends or come by yourself to help us pass important local, state, and federal legislation, learn how you can get more involved, and start helping us end gun violence where you live.
  • Not sure which MFOL chapter is closest to you? Look it up by entering your zip code.

2. Call for a town hall to address gun violence. There are a few ways you can do this:

  • First, you can attend a town hall of one of your elected officials and ask them what they’re doing to protect their constituents from gun violence. Organize a group to attend with you so you can all have a chance to make your voice heard and demand your lawmakers take action to curb gun violence.
  • Find out when your members of Congress will be in your state on recess this summer and if they’re hosting a town hall. Organize your friends or local March for Our Lives chapter to attend and ask them if they support a Peace Plan for a Safer America, or if not then what proposals they have to end the gun violence epidemic.
  • If your elected officials are too afraid of their own constituents to host a town hall, organize one of your own. The Town Hall Project (in partnership with MFOL!) have great guides on how to hold your own town hall to discuss what your community can do to reduce the risk of gun violence both locally and nationwide.

3. Create a working group in your community to discuss the effects of gun violence and take action to promote peace.

Our work won’t be done at the end of this tour, so we need communities across the country to form coalitions to take action at the local level. We created a guide on how to create your own action group here, but here are the basics:

  • Find a safe space, like an after school club or a community center, where you can hold meetings.
  • Invite a wide range of people—not just your classmates or your friends. Our voices are stronger when they’re informed by a wide range of perspectives.
  • Collect the emails, social media handles or phone numbers of everyone in your action group so you can contact them about meetings, events and local actions to participate in.
  • Focus club meetings on educating each other about issues around gun violence, registering people in your area to vote, and even raising money for community engagement events and reducing gun violence in your area.

4. Fundraise for violence prevention programs in your area.

  • Organizations like ChicagoStrong, Life Camp, Ceasefire, the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence, and Giffords: Courage to Fight Gun Violence all work toward ending the epidemic of gun violence in our communities. You can donate to one of these organizations, or find an organization in your community to support.
  • Every dollar you can donate helps, but we can’t solve this problem alone. You can start a fundraiser on Facebook or a GoFundMe, explain to them why this issue matters to you, and ask your friends and followers on social media to donate.

5. It’s critical to vote in every election, and to make sure everyone in your community is registered to vote, too. Start by hosting a voter reg drive in your community.

  • The first step to change is making sure everyone over 18 is able to make their voice heard at the ballot, and that means getting out there and registering voters.
  • Our partners at Rock the Vote have a great toolkit that can guide you step-by-step on hosting your own event to register voters in your community. Check it out here.
  • And if you’re not already registered, register to vote here!

Gun violence impacts every community across the country, but we can’t visit them all (yet). With your help, we can make sure local communities are fired up with the knowledge, tools, and ability to vote for elected officials to help us keep our communities safe.


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