Tips for Parents and Families Attending the DC March for Our Lives Rally

The decision to bring your child is a very personal one. There are very large crowds expected and parents should evaluate all risks and make decisions about what’s best for themselves and their children.

  • When bringing a baby or a toddler you should consider your child’s temperament: Will they be OK with staying outdoors for a long time? What if the weather is cold or windy? Can they handle a few hours straight in their stroller or carrier?

  • Make a plan in case of separation with your child and plot a reunification point that is easy for your child to memorize and find. Reunification services are available at RFK stadium (2400 East Capitol Street, SE) and will operate on Saturday, March 24.

  • If you have multiple children with you ensure that you set up a buddy system so they will not be alone if they get seperated.  

  • Consider providing your child a cell phone and spare battery packs or, a two-way radio in order to stay in contact.

  • If your child is separated recommend they find a police officer and have two emergency numbers memorized (or written on their arm in Sharpie) and make sure that one of those numbers is a landline, in case cell phone service is disrupted.

  • If you become concerned about counter-protestors, or the possibility that things could turn violent, it’s important to trust your intuition. If that means leaving the event early, go with your gut.

  • Be prepared to walk. Ensure children are wearing comfortable shoes and toddlers and babies are in strollers or carriers to help navigate crowds easier.

  • Limited food options will be available. Bring kid friendly snacks and fluids for children and extra trash bags.

  • Dress children in layers and prepare for cold and unexpected weather. Also choose brightly colored clothes or matching shirts/sweaters for children to easily identify them in the crowd.  

  • Don’t feel like you have to stay all day. The rally will begin at 12 pm. Many people will be arriving very early but will be standing for many hours. Decide what is best for your child and feel free to leave when appropriate.

  • Stay on the edge of the crowds with small children. It will be tighter and more uncomfortable towards the center of the rally. Remain on the outer edges where you can leave if your child needs to use the bathroom or leave immediately.

  • There are going to be thousands of cell phones and service might get locked up. Sign up for official DC government alerts on safety, weather, traffic, transit and more. Text “MARCH24” to 888-777 to sign up now!