Every Tuesday leading up to the November 6th election, March For Our Lives is issuing a new call to action to young people across the United States. Our mission is clear: to encourage all eligible voters to elect morally just leaders on all levels of government.

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And when you complete your mission every Tuesday, post pictures on social media with the hashtag #TurnoutTuesday so the world can see!


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Tuesday, October 2nd: Register EVERYBODY To Vote

Knock on 25 doors in your area (dorms, homes, businesses, etc). Ask residents/workers if they’re registered to vote. If not, walk them through the process on their doorstep using https://marchforourlives.com/vote-for-our-lives/

Not everyone will open their door. But, even if you register only a couple of new voters, we’ll be making an enormous difference!

Tuesday, October 9th: Wear Your Flag Shirt

We have to continue to shift the culture around voting, and appeal to all forms of political action — including style.

Let’s get as many people as possible around the country to wear the MFOL Voter Registration Flag T-shirt. Walk around school, work, or the streets to register voters in less than 2 minutes!

Tuesday, October 16th: Get ART the Vote

Create artwork and posters that advertise Election Day/November 6th to plaster around your school and in storefront windows! Make sure to post your designs in areas with high levels of foot-traffic, or where voting might not be a priority.

There are many pre-existing graphic designs that promote voting all over the Internet. Print these out, or make your own!

Tuesday, October 23rd: Candidate Town Hall

Organize a town hall in your Congressional district with candidates running for office on the local, state, or federal level. We recommend planning this town hall as early as possible.

Here, candidates can voice their support of or opposition to our common-sense gun safety measures.

If you are new to planning town halls, the Town Hall Project has helpful resources that will assist you through the process.

Tuesday, October 30th: Chalk The Vote

Buy some chalk and get to work! Draw some creative voting reminders around your community (sidewalks, streets, college campuses, shopping centers, etc). If you’re in a state with early voting, remind people where their polling places are located.

This is another fun, refreshing way to encourage your neighbors to fulfill their civic responsibilities!

Tuesday, November 6th: #WalkoutToVote in partnership with the Future Coalition

Today’s the day! At 10:00 AM local time, students across the country will walk out of school or work to their local polling place. If you don’t have school or work on November 6th, just GO VOTE! Visit WalkoutToVote.org to register your walkout, get the #WalkoutToVote toolkit, and join the online community.

For #WalkoutToVote, March For Our Lives is partnering with the Future Coalition, a coalition of 20 youth-led organizations working together to create change. #WalkoutToVote is a collective action that will bring together the entire youth movement to go vote on election day.

In addition to March for Our Lives, the Future Coalition is led by Activism on the Road, B.R.A.V.E., Bridge the Divide, Bulletproof Ballot Project, Chicago Fuerte, Orange Generation, Indivisible Students, March on the NRA, Moco4Change, National Die In, National School Walkout, Parents Promise to Kids, Peace Warriors, Shattering the Silence, S.T.O.R.M., Student Voice, Team Enough, Zero Hour, and 50 Miles More.

(Remember: 50% off Lyft rides on Election Day).

Let’s make history together. Young people will change this country for the better.


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