This is a peaceful protest, a space for the enraged and engaged. We believe that art can help us get loud, open, and free. If you can change a mind, you’ve changed the world. One voice alone does not make up a movement, but it can start one. It’s our collective momentum that powers movements, that keeps us climbing. This generation, a great expanse of young people, has the power to create and change our world to be safer and kinder for us all.

Our first zine, UNQUIET, is a collaboration of artists and activists from across the country, each telling their story and how our nation really looks. They are stories rooted in the systematic epidemic of gun violence, but are full of so much more than just that. We tell our stories because our trauma is a big part of who we are, but it’s also just one of the many things we have to say. Art helps us communicate what we are going through, and connect with those who have faced similar situations.

The stakes are too high for us to be silent. If we don’t speak up, we risk losing our future. To shape the world, we have to tell our stories. 

We are here.

We are sculpting the future ourselves.


Out of Reality – Sam Fuentes
Devastating State – Meilkai Hubbard, @deaveux
Actions Speak Louder Than Words – Meredith Mitchell (@meredith.m10) and Melikai Hubbard
Flour and Sugar and Milk – Brianne James, @briannealanna
Etavanni, @wearetavanni
America Was Never Great – Cedeara
Reformed Sonnet – Mila Cuda, @d.our
How many moments of silence do we have to have before we aren’t silent anymore? – Amber Ibarreche, @amberibarreche
Las Balas No Piden Paeles – emulsify,
the school zone is the safe zone – Sly Watts, @sly.watts
A Gun Poem – Cyrus Roberts, @vyrusmichaels
Anger Rejected – Dantrell Blake
Enough is Enough – Victoria Phan, @vadoodles
Put Guns to Rest – Jaida Stallworth, @adia.j
The Time is Now – Shanti Broom, @shvnti.v

Layout by Daniel Williams, @danielfrwilliams

Creative Contributors:
Rez Refuge, @rezrefuge
Young Creative Agency, @yca_world
Matt Deitsch, @mattdeitsch
Bria Smith, @briaasmith

Are you an artist? Follow @marchforourlives on Instagram to see art and action in the name of gun safety. To be featured, post your art with the tag #Unquiet. We’ll post again when submissions reopen for our next zine.


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